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Xi Juan kisses your heart. (10th Feb 23 at 1:58am UTC)
She pushed his hand away, but his right hand was turned and held by him. He looked, the palm still has a faint knife mark, the back of the hand is all right, he pulled a kiss. "Are you ashamed?" She asked with a smile? Be jealous of your own mother! "You're surprised. If you don't fall in love with me, you have to spoil your parents-in-law first. This is called not doing proper work and putting the cart before the horse." He looked at her. So, Xikang has something to say: "Humph!"! If you want to talk about not doing your job properly, you might as well talk about what you have been busy with this week! Fall in love with me? A joke! This only makes me deeply realize that you work first, I, Yang Xikang, by the way. Shen Tuoyu shook his head. By the way? Miss Yang. You underestimate your own destructive power. Do you know that I used to be able to investigate several cases at the same time in a week, and this week I'm just focusing on this one? If it wasn't for you, there would be no sign of me in the police station. You've ruined my reputation. What else do you have to complain about? "Lift it up!"! Officer Shen, I don't deserve it! Don't you think maybe it's because your physical strength is gradually declining, your judgment and reasoning power tend to be dull, and you dare not admit it,chrome washing machine, so you put it on my head? She said sarcastically, in fact, the heart is sweet, but hate him to say her "charm" as "destructive power", ugly! He frowned. You want me to drive you to the beach to put out the fire again, don't you? Xikang gave him a sidelong glance. It may be you who should put out the fire. He stared at her deeply for a long time and did not speak until the car pulled into the parking lot of a club. "Be careful,magnetic separator machine, little girl," he said. Speak in moderation. I've been patient for a long time. Tease me until I lose control. Think about the price you have to pay. She got out of the car with a pale red face. The heart of adventure and difficulty is somewhat curious about what he will look like when he loses control. This kind of adult conversation really makes her blush and heartbeat. He must have thought she was experienced enough to speak so freely; would he have spoken so boldly if he had known she was untrained? Oh, he still will. He is not a man who is ashamed of thinking; he thinks, but he doesn't violate, so he dares to express it. Shall we come here to play tennis? She looked at the tennis ball in the distance. He put his arm around her waist and said, No! Come to chat. There are rather elegant boxes for tea and snacks. As they walked toward the magnificent three-story building, he added, "Just come by and meet my dad for five minutes. I don't want anyone else to take up too much of our time." He is so handsome! Just give your own dad five minutes? No respect at all! "Your father knows about me?" She asked. Did Auntie mention it? "I told him not to pick any more marriageable women because I'm going to have a wife next month." He said. It seems that he decides everything by himself. She smiled. Coincidentally, I told my grandmother yesterday that I was going to have a wedding next year, and I was reluctant to give up my single life. The matter is suspended for discussion. In the box sat a serious man in his fifties, whose facial features were similar to Shen Tuoyu's. He looked upright. He was Shen Fei, gold shaking table ,small gold wash plant, the patriarch of the police. She had heard of him but never seen him. Dad, she's Xikang. They sat down and Shen Tuoyu introduced them. Miss Yang. Shen Fei smiled at her and kept commenting in his deep eyes. Xikang nodded and said with a smile, "Hello, Uncle Shen." After a while, Shen Fei seemed to be sure and smiled more gently. He naturally knew that Yang Xikang was a female star with a bad reputation for private life. He didn't quite agree when they didn't meet, but his wife asked him to come and see for himself. A girl who can be deeply loved by his wife must be extraordinary; the wife only looks at the heart. And it's even more strange to make your son fall in love with you! What kind of woman will it be? Today, he was relieved. That kind of fresh temperament can't be made. Tuo Yu's heart is like a wild horse. It's not easy to master. He reminded. Xikang glanced at Shen Tuoyu. Master him? I won't do that. It's always someone else who tries to control me, and I don't want that. If you want to lean over, you lean over, and you don't have to control it deliberately. By this time, Shen Fei had some sympathy for his son. If his son had married such an active and beautiful family, would he still be willing to live an adventurous life far away from home? This girl is not a blind follower.
Anyway, he was used to taking risks all his life, and if he lived with this girl, his life would never be rigid. Shen Tuoyu took the initiative: "I want to marry her, the sooner the better." He really doesn't waste a second. "Father Shen is fortunately more sensible." Everything is done according to the ancient etiquette, and it is polite to pick a day to propose marriage and agree on a date. Don't be too eager. You'll scare people away. Shen Tuoyu, who was deeply educated by the Western style, was troubled by the red tape, and the civil marriage was too simple. One side of Xikang is really angry and funny. Does he do everything with a triple jump? Just recognize, as lovers; just fall in love, discuss marriage. Her heart to marry him must not change, but she was too anxious to adapt to it for a while. But she doesn't have to worry about it. If the old woman's approval is not allowed, the marriage will have to be postponed. All right, five minutes. Shen Tuoyu is really timing. Shen Fei patted him on the shoulder and stood up to look at Yang Xikang. Welcome to the Shen family, Xikang. "Thank you." That's all she can say. Closing the door, Shen Tuoyu immediately hugged her and kissed her affectionately, wildly, as if he had endured a long kiss until she almost suffocated. She put her arms around his neck and pressed them against his cheek. His kiss was devastating, like an avalanche, and he poured all his bones into her. It's true! At first I thought he was ruthless! Unexpectedly, once it erupts like a volcano, "When will you marry me?" He asked in a low voice. He didn't want to be intimate with her before marriage. Respect her, legally, even if she has a past. Marry him? Just wait! She might as well shake her head a few more times before he knows how to propose first. Of course I'll marry him. It's just a matter of time. He has his set of process principles; she certainly does. Go to my house to propose marriage and ask me what I'm doing. Her answer was reasonable, but there was a trap; but he didn't know it. He kissed her again. Half lying in his sorrow, she was spoiled and drunk with happiness,Carbon in Pulp, and her sexy smile, like a tender net, opened straight to him.
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