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"I want to say." Selina smiled, but her smile made (12th Jan 23 at 12:23am UTC)
White Jane's voice was so powerful that she finally stopped. Her eyes were red and she looked at Truth, who was convulsing involuntarily in pain. After a while, she sniffed and whispered, "Doctor, I'll say one more word. I won't say it after I say it. You must let Truth get better quickly. I'll thank you." The doctor where dare let empty also thank him, he is appointed by Dick enough glorious, promise empty also at once: "I try my best certainly, you are at ease." As he spoke, he carefully gave Truth a sedative and a painkiller. White Jane quickly pulled him out: "Come out, don't affect other people's diagnosis." Empty also was pulled out by Bai Jian abruptly step by step three back. Outside the door also stood Dick, who was not calm. He asked his maid to make tea for Bai Jiankong. He also held a cup of hot tea and kept silent alone. In normal times, he would not have taken the initiative to approach Dick, but today is different, for the sake of truth, a little less pain, he is willing to do anything. That, Dick. Kong also suddenly opened his mouth. Dick gave a hum,face recognition identification kiosk, and the coda went up to show his doubt. Kong also said, "Well, do you know where the best doctor is?" Dick: "What do you mean?" Empty also says: "I see a moment ago what the doctor looks for is very urgent, still have better doctor and so on nearby here..." "Impossible." Dick interrupted, "I have the best doctor here." Kong Ye: "But the truth is that when a man is pregnant, the situation is very different." Dick glanced at him and said,facial recognization camera, "Do you think I wouldn't be ready for a doctor when I knew Bertha was pregnant?" Empty also stupefied, suddenly did not know what to say for a moment. There are so many people who love the truth, but I am not the most considerate one. As a result, many things that should have been known for a long time were unknown, even the last one to know-such as the fact that the truth had ruined his own children. He couldn't imagine how Truth could live alone and pregnant for so long in a place where the climate and environment were completely different from Shenzhen. When Truth left him, he was already muddleheaded and often made mistakes. There was no one to take care of a person who could eat and live there. There must be only the female devil to take care of him. But now it seems that two people are innocent at all, and there must be a lot of female care. _ Section Reading _ 97 How uncomfortable is he going to be in an awkward and inconvenient place? Empty also thought of here, the heart began to twitch a twitch of pain, wish to slap themselves a few big mouth, how can be so stupid, even this clue did not find! If I had been in Beijing, I would have found that the truth was very weak and would have stayed to protect him. He would not have been taken away by Lance, digital signage kiosk ,digital signage screen, the female devil would not have been injured, and now Lin Jibo would not be unknown! It's all your own fault! Kong also beat his chest twice with hatred. He felt angry and beat him again and again. Bai Jane soon heard the sound of broken bones. She ran over and hugged Kong's arm and scolded, "Don't fight!"! You don't think there are enough things! Is it useful to hit yourself? Doesn't it hurt to hit your own truth? Will Lin Jibo come back well after beating himself?! "Ah!" Kong also raised his head and roared like a collapse, which made the whole house rustle and dust. Dick glanced at him and said nothing. A quarter of an hour later, the door of the operating room opened, and the demon doctor, wearing a mask, came out and rushed up as if grasping at straws: "How is it?"? How is the truth? Dick stepped forward, too. The doctor looked at Dick respectfully and then said, "Lord Bertha's health is very bad. He has been malnourished and his body nutrients have been lost to the fetus. He is very weak. He has just done strenuous exercise, so his weak body has been unable to maintain the balance of the gestational sac. If he does not give birth as soon as possible, it will only cause the mother to be eaten up by the fetus from inside to outside." And then burst out of his belly. When he heard this, his muscles jumped all over, and he rushed in and ran to the truth and hugged him tightly. The faces of White Jane and Dick were the same.
Dick asked, "Since you can tell what the problem is, do you have a solution?" The doctor hesitated for a moment and replied, "To be honest, I can't guarantee success. I want to inject Bertha with nutrients that can be directly absorbed by the fetus to ripen the fetus. But at present, nothing can completely feed the fetus. We can only let the fetus enter the stage of survival as soon as possible after leaving the mother's body, and then take the baby directly by caesarean section." Giving birth to a child before the fetus has enough nutrients to start eating the mother's body is premature from a human point of view. The fetus may be weak, but it will save Lord Bertha. "No, you can't!" Holding Truth in one hand and his hand in the other, Kong said eagerly, "I've been in Lance!"! I know of no medium or potion that has the power to feed the demon cells! There is no guarantee that truth will not be harmed if children are not fed! "It's too late for you to say that now. It's the only way to minimize Bertha's damage." Dick coldly reminded him, "Bertha is not a human. Maybe he can get energy by drinking the devil's blood. I heard that your ability is very strong. Why don't you dedicate your blood to him?" Empty also slightly open mouth, slowly look down at the truth, so if you can do the best, afraid of the truth now temper is not willing to accept. Truth still has a trace of sobriety, for the sake of the child to raise the strength of the gas if gossamer said: "I think your blood should be OK, before has been eating ordinary human food, really not enough." Holding the shoulders of the truth, Kong Yiewen nodded repeatedly: "All right, all right, whatever you say, as long as you are willing to drink, as much as you drink, it's no problem to eat my meat." Truth nodded. He has no way, God knows how much he loves the sky,outdoor digital signage displays, never thought that one day he would personally drink his blood and eat his flesh, it is a pity that the world makes people, even the devil who has lived for hundreds of millions of years can not fully control himself. Chapter128. You kneel down every day. !。
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