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God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Drag (12th Jan 23 at 12:19am UTC)
Lin Tian was captured here by his own suppression. He sealed Lin Tian's cultivation with the forbidden immortal shackles. But now, Lin Tian, who had been sealed by the forbidden immortal shackles, shattered the forbidden fairy shackles on his own. The cultivation was completely restored, and then he sent out such a horrible breath, which suddenly triggered this terrible vision of heaven and earth. He had been practicing for so many years, but he had never seen anyone who could trigger so many such terrible visions of heaven and earth at the same time. He had never even heard of them. Even though they were the top orthodox gods and saints in this piece of heaven and earth, all of them were said to be peerless geniuses, but none of them could do this step, which almost broke his courage. You, you mean.. I caught you here on purpose?! At this moment, watching Lin Tian can break free from the forbidden immortal shackles, watching Lin Tian can trigger so many terrible visions of heaven and earth, he understood in an instant, such Lin Tian, two months ago, really want to start, he absolutely can not defeat! Then, when he saw this place, the whole Dao yuanbao crystal mine, all the Dao yuanbao crystals were shining, turning into spiritual Dao Mang and pouring into Lin Tian's body. For a moment, a lot of things came to his mind: "You.." Are you thinking of the Dao yuan Bao Jing Mine here?! The hurricane roared, with this as the center, within a radius of tens of thousands of miles,artificial banyan trees, endless psionic power came crazily, and all the Taoist yuanbaojing here, constantly shining, poured into Lin Tian's body, making Lin Tian's spirit rise. It's not very stupid. He looked at the man in yellow, still with a faint smile. Then he opened his mouth and turned his back to Mu Wenyang and said, "Senior Wenyang, send you to freedom!" As the words fell, his right hand shook slightly,decorative palm trees, and more than nine hundred swords shot out. With his unique breath on the stone seal in the sea, he came to Mu Wenyang and hundreds of other slaves in a twinkling of an eye, and cut all the forbidden immortal shackles on their hands and feet. Fragmented pieces of the forbidden immortal fetters fell to the ground, and Mu Wenyang trembled greatly, as did more than nine hundred other Xuantian slaves. At this moment, more than 900 slaves clearly felt that their cultivation could be used, and the holy power was flowing. Suddenly, with a bang, more than nine hundred terrible holy powers rushed up, and more than nine hundred light pillars rushed into the sky. I, we.. Including Mu Wenyang, the more than nine hundred slaves all trembled with excitement, those whose eyes had been numb at the beginning, at this moment, the numbness was completely dispersed, and even tears came out of their eyes, which was entirely caused by extreme excitement. Enslaved for how many years? They can't remember clearly, artificial grass panels ,silk ficus tree, they have already given up their whole life, they have given up all hope, but now, the forbidden immortal fetters that have been suppressing them have been shattered, and their sealed cultivation has been completely restored. They regained their freedom on this day! "Ah!" Some people can not help but roar to the sky, wanton vent. Mixed with excitement. Mixed with grief and indignation. Lin Tian naturally understood the mood of these people at this time, did not care too much, and looked back at the man in yellow. Next.. Endless psionic energy was pouring into his body. At this moment, he seemed to be transformed into a light man. His spirit rose rapidly. His eyes fell on the man in yellow. He simply took a step and appeared in front of the man in yellow in an instant. His right hand and sword finger fell directly between the eyebrows of the guy in yellow: "Goodbye." As these words fell, he fell between the eyebrows of the man in yellow, and with a sound of puff, he penetrated the head of the other side, bringing out a sharp blood, which directly shattered the soul of the other side in the sea of divine consciousness. The man in yellow still had shock and fear on his face, but the luster of life in his eyes quickly faded, disappeared without a trace in a twinkling of an eye, and then the whole man fell to the ground with a bang and died completely. Teacher. Senior fellow apprentice In this place, all the other ordinary disciples of Jinhen Fairy Gate trembled greatly, and many of them could not stop trembling.
Their Elder Martial Brother, the cultivation of Xuantian Peak, was obliterated by a blow! Besides, it's the people of the lower world! Even the man in Tsing Yi, this moment can not help but tremble, looking at the remaining body of the man in yellow, looking at Lin Tian, who is interwoven with infinite light, his eyes suddenly show horror, turn around directly, and quickly flee to the distance. His strength is the same as the man in yellow, the man in yellow is now so easily killed, how can he stop Lin Tian? He was very aware of the state of the place at this moment, and he had no choice but to run away. The hurricane sweeps through, the psionic Tao Mang gushes out unceasingly, Lin Tian shook hands, in the eye has the Zhanzhan fine Mang to interweave. Changed. He talks to himself. As he continued to unlock the four seals on the root of the soul, at this moment, he felt the change of his own body, in his perception, the whole world became incomparably clear, everything in his field of vision became incomparably simple in his eyes, and it seemed that he could see it in an instant, even though there was no great change at present, but he clearly felt at this moment. After unlocking the first four seals of the soul root, it became a hundred times stronger in an instant. More importantly, his constitution is constantly undergoing drastic changes at this moment, although the essence of the reincarnation body has not changed, but as the soul can be interwoven through an inch of flesh and blood, his flesh and blood gradually increased one after another indescribable and indescribable terrible forces, as if a destructive beast that has been sleeping in his soul can awaken at this moment, and then transferred to his flesh and blood. It seemed that he could destroy everything between heaven and earth with a single move. Whoosh! Breaking through the air, the man in Tsing Yi fled at a very fast speed. At this time, he had already escaped far away and turned into a black spot. Lin Tian looked up without any change in expression. The next moment, in that place, the sky suddenly exploded,large artificial blossom trees, and a black lightning fell like a dragon of destruction. Ah The scream came from far away, where there was a faint mist of blood splashing out, and then suddenly became silent.
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