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The Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Female Part (11th Jan 23 at 3:27am UTC)
Mother Ding smiled, picked up the nameplate engraved with Chairman Ding Yan from the table, and threw the nameplate into the trash can in front of Ding Yan. Ding Yan:.. Ding Yan's face was as dark as the bottom of a pot. He looked straight at Ding's mother. "You are really annoying." "It doesn't matter if you never liked me." Mother Ding said casually. Ding Yan was even more speechless and turned away. Mother Ding just smiled, and Ning Shu said with a smile, "Congratulations, Mom." Ning Shu quite likes Ding's mother like this, does not like her a pair of resentful woman's appearance, for a man to make oneself extremely embarrassed. Ding's mother looked better than before, with a pearl cream made by Ning Shu on her face, which was white and flawless, and her skin was shining like a pearl. Ning Shu says: "Mom, you release a message, the Ginnis company of M country wants to buy a company, meet secretly to discuss the affair that buys recently." "What do you want to do?" Mother Ding asked. Ning Shu said with a smile, "It's just a play." This scene must bring in Bai Hanmo. Soon, the news spread quickly, and everyone in the company knew that the company had been sold, and people were even more anxious. There is a feeling that the building is about to collapse. If the company is really acquired by the Ginnis Company of M country, it is a foreign company. I'm sure I'll be bloodied by then. There will definitely be massive layoffs. Many employees have begun to prepare for their own way out, and many people have begun to change jobs. However, most of the job-hopping employees are at the bottom, but the middle and senior employees can not resign for a while. Anyway, the company's atmosphere is very impetuous, the more so, the more iron the company was acquired. When Ding Yan heard the news,hot tub spa manufacturers, he almost fainted. I messed up the company, and now I'm going to sell it. It is said that a woman's hair is long and her knowledge is short, which makes a good company like this. Ding Yan found the company, raised his hand and fanned his mother. The bodyguard beside Ding's mother grabbed Ding Yan's wrist. Let go, let go. Ding Yan tried to pull back his hand, but was held tightly by the bodyguard. Mother Ding said lightly, "Let go." The bodyguard then released Ding Yan's hand. What do you want to do? Ding Yan roared angrily. Now I am the chairman of the company, and I have the final say in the company's affairs. Mother Ding raised her chin slightly and said. Ding Yan wanted to start again, but when he saw two tall bodyguards, he dared not start. Ding Yan was worried that if the company was really sold, the Ding family would have nothing. What's going on this year? The company can't escape the fate of being sold. First the Bai family, and now the Ginnis Company of M country. No matter what, we can't sell the company of the Ding family. Ding Yan rubbed his brows and finally wanted to find Bai Hanmo. Selling the company to the Bai family was better than selling it to M Kinness Company. Even if I am not a member of the company, jacuzzi swim spa ,4 person jacuzzi, but I am also a major shareholder of the company, I do not agree to sell the company. Ding Yan gnashed his teeth and said, "Even if you want to retaliate against me, don't make fun of the company. There are so many employees in the company." "Those employees also need to support their families, the company needs to support so many employees, and there must be a degree of willfulness." Mother Ding said lightly: "The company is just a change of boss, everything is the same. Besides, without this company, there are other companies. As long as they are talented people, they are needed everywhere." "Don't pretend to be a human being with such a righteous excuse." Mother Ding gave a sneer. How can a person who disregards his own family consider others and use employees as an excuse? It's disgusting. You, you.. Ding Yanqi was dying, pointing his finger at Ding's mother, and finally left with a cold hum. Ding mother looked at the back of Ding Yan, tut twice, such Ding Yan can be really weak ah. Ding Yan contacted Ding Ningdie at the first time, but the phone could not get through at all. I just can't get through. Ding Yan was so angry that the veins on his forehead exploded and he had a splitting headache. Go directly upstairs to the room, see Ji Lu is looking in the mirror, the tag on the clothes has not been taken off, obviously is the newly bought clothes. Can this woman really die without buying clothes for a day? Ding Yan grabbed Ji Lu's arm and said, "Call your daughter. Hurry up." "What's the matter?" Ji Lu asked, "Why did I call Ning Die?".
” "If you are asked to fight, you will." Ding Yan said impatiently. Ji Lu did not dare to resist Ding Yan, so she honestly took out her cell phone and called Ding Ningdie. Ding Yan couldn't get through to Ding Ning, but Ji Lu could get through. Ding Yan:.. Shit, he was blacklisted?! For the first time, Ding Yan felt that his well-behaved and charming daughter also had anti-bone. I haven't found it before. I just thought it was a soft and weak girl who needed protection. In the face of her, even the voice can not help but put soft, for fear of scaring her. But now Ding Ning butterfly let Ding Yan heart produced vigilance. Ding Yan even made up his brain, and his son-in-law conspired with his daughter to swallow the Ding family. What should I say? Ji Lu asked Ding Yan in a low voice. Ding Yan grabbed the phone in her hand and said directly, "I am your father. Now your aunt is going to sell the company and get a lot of money. Our family is going bankrupt. Your mother and I are going to sleep on the street." "This must be done, or I will never agree with you to marry Bai Hanmo." Ding Yan ordered directly, hung up the phone, threw the phone to Ji Lu, holding the sign on Ji Lu's clothes, "can you do anything else besides buying things?" "After you have a fart of money to buy things, the company will collapse, do not let your daughter help, you are ready to become a lost dog." Speaking of the lost dog, Ding Yan's heart is very uncomfortable, he is now going to become a lost dog. Ji Lu did not know what had happened, but when she saw Ding Yan's ugly and dignified face,jacuzzi manufacturers, she knew that something big had happened. Ji Lu somehow followed Ding Yan for so many years, but also her gold owner, Ding Yan's joys and sorrows are clear. Chapter 1445 rich and powerful sisters 24.
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